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Aug 14

A night full of surprises

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Come and join Lara C. Kay as she gives a one of a kind detailed hairstyling seminar. Lara wants to show you guys how to recreate some of her signature looks as well as what YOU want to specifially learn.

Watch Lara C. Kay demonstrate some of her signature looks on a live model in addition to participation from the crowd. Each look presented will be done in techniques and styling methods that are easily recreated.

No hidden secrets here, this will be one of the most detailed demonstrational classes ever! This is the ultimate beauty insdier for anyone wanting to expand their education.

You do NOT have to be a hairstylist to attend. This is perfect for makeup artists wanting to learn how to style hair.

There will be many give aways such as lip injections, botox, lazor, and more…

 There will be time during the event for Q&A as well as Special Guests Speakers and Make Up Demonstrations by some of the best in the industry!

Glendale NORDSTROM COSMETIC DEPT will be guest speaking and providing goodies along with job opportunities …

Early Bird Price: $170

- $70 to be paid upfront as a non-refundable deposit to reserve your seat and a $100 cash payment to be paid on the day of the event 

Regular Admission: $200

- $100 to be paid upfront as a non-refundable deposit to reserve your seat and a $100 cash payment to be paid on the day of the event

*Please note we will only be accepting CASH paymentson the day of the event. Credit cards and checks will not be accepted. All sales are final and non-refundable.

DON’T miss out on what is sure to be an amazing event! Seats are limited.

Aug 14

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Lara C. Kay

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Jun 14

Bridal 101, two day hands on work shop

Before I go to bed at nights, I wonder off into my thoughts. Before closing my eyes shut, I replay the entire day.

Where do I begin? After two long days full of motivated and driven hairstylists, eager to expand their hair styling horizon, I am blessed to say I am thankful enough to teach and share my talent and passion with others in my Bridal 101 Workshop.

Years and years of being self taught, with trial and error, I am proud to share all my secrets with other stylists and artists. No beating around the bush, I make it simple, fun, and guide you in the right direction of Bridal Couture and Styling. The guideline for the class is simple and easy. A 50+ page Bridal 101 work book is provided to each student which is given to each student to help break down each and every hair style taught during the class. We go over different eras. Hands on practice on live models ( not mannequin heads) my students are able to execute all that I teach under my one hundred percent supervision. Keeping it a limited seating class, I keep my  Bridal 101 workshop very intimate.

The day started Sunday and ended Monday afternoon. I, myself, was very amazed on how much of an improvement the students showed by the last hairstyle they created. All the pictures of their hair styles on their models were taken by a professional camera which will allow them to put it in their portfolios.

The girls had so much fun. We shared experiences, had snacks and drinks, and right when the class ended, I treated them to a delicious late lunch at Panda Inn.

Here are some pictures of their work throughout the class.

Next Bridal 101 will be in NEW YORK SEPTEMBER 8,2014



Mar 14

New York Class

Something about New York is always so close to my heart! Has such a pleasant time getting to educate these amazing students! I absolutely love teaching my East Coast students. The girls were so driven and motivated, ready to learn. Thank you for welcoming me the way you guys did! Loved meeting each and everyone of you!

Upcoming New York class will be in September✂️

Mar 14

My Dream

  • I have completely been MIA for quiet some time. Wondering why I haven’t been up to date with my site? I have final put 9years of hard work and dedication into opening up my very own full service salon called Studio Kay! With the help of my family and amazing coworkers, we have been working extremely hard day and night to turn my dreams into reality! I am completely blessed with the most talented and amazing staff! The salon is a gorgeous. It is 3000 sq ft. Amazing for educational classes! Very spacious, welcoming, super fun and most of all, full of such great talent! This is a place where you can relax, hang out, get your needs done and get dolled up! Starting from nothing, being scared and unsure, I believe my staff has made feel so blessed and happy! I am SO very thankful for your love and support and allowing me to share my dreams with you all!

    Follow us at Studio_kay to view my talented staffs work!
    Here are some pictures of the place… trim.AFE5A512-0E53-4E55-BF44-FEF291BD7616

Jul 13

Old Hollywood Glam looks.

Jul 13

Hair Growth

How many of you beauties want fuller hair?

When most guys & girls age, they feel as though their hair lose increases.

I have found a supplement that actually works!

I have been experimenting this hair vitamins for quite some time now.

Hair ReVive

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It is a miracle in a bottle. Made with all natural ingredients, I am amazed by the results.

It restores proper nutrition to the hair follicle.

REDUCES daily hair loss.

Grows hair faster, longer, thicker & more full.

I 100% recommend this to anyone and everyone who wants to achieve a fuller look, longer locks, or both.



Jun 13

Inside Weddings Magazine

I had the blessing to be apart of Mario Lopez & Courtney Mazza’s beautiful wedding December 1,2012

Get your copy of Inside Weddings Magazine to view all their breathtaking details.

Here is a sneak peak.